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Truly Independent & Technology Led Financial Advice that will change your life for the better today, tomorrow & long into the future


At InTime Financial Planning we have created a modern and progressive Financial Advice service based on FIVE Core Values. These Core Values are factors we hold close to our hearts, and which form a key part of Founder Jack Basford's personal character.  When applied to our Financial Planning practice, they will always provide positive outcomes for you.


Independence is key to everything that we do at InTime Financial Planning as you deserve a real whole-of-market experience. We offer a unique service which ensures that you truly end up with an outcome that is entirely bespoke to you.


Your InTime Financial Plan will be designed to deliver tangible benefits to your life that you can measure and observe. Life is lived away from your bank statements and screens, and we have the tools to illustrate how we can convert your financial success into lifestyle success.


We put our faith in the most intelligent, modern financial planning systems and processes available to us. This ensures we maximise your potential outcomes and provide the best service possible.


Natural compassion leads to our desire to always do the right thing by you. We do what we do because of the positive impact it can make on your life. Integrity is a key part of our identity and helps us understand and achieve your goals.


The best advice stands the test of time. We ensure that any advice you receive is not only suitable today, but also forms part of a plan which targets a lifetime of benefits for you and your family.

Jack Basford Dip PFS

Financial Planner & Director

Jack Basford InTime Financial Planning

The InTime Financial Planning Phases of Life

Prosperous Growth

Are you an ambitious professional or entrepreneur, earning well and saving day by day, year by year without a long-term plan? Today is for living and we don’t believe in saving as much as you can afford to save, but spending as much as you can afford to spend! Your long-term plans require a savings pot and we will help you identify how much exactly you need this to be and provide guidance on how to get there. With this guidance you can comfortably save as much as you need to save without impeding your future self.

Compose & Construct

Are you starting to think about the big ‘R’ word, RETIREMENT and are in need of a plan? We build retirement forecasts that consider all aspects of your financial lives including pensions, investments, cash, businesses, property and any other means by which you may be able to support yourself.   We will help you compose and take stock of your current position, before constructing a Financial Plan that will deliver you your dream retirement.

Leisure & Pleasure

Your hard work is done. The hourglass is full and now we ensure that you are focussing on your perfect life without stress about your finances or that hourglass running empty. Your retirement is hard-earned and we provide the knowledge that your standard of living is secure against any eventuality, good or bad. Our plans aim to deliver comfort in knowledge that you don’t need to worry about spending too much, or more importantly too little, in retirement.

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